A Peculiar Storm

– It’s only 15 days into the New Year and you’re going through a storm like you never have before. You never thought that you would be in a place like this. It’s a place where you feel like you’re alone, it’s a place where you feel completely and totally overwhelmed, it’s a place where you almost feel like giving up. So far nothing has been able to lift this burden from you. Prayer hasn’t done it even though you know prayer works. Scripture hasn’t done it even though you know there is power in the word of God.

So what do you do? This is spiritual warfare because it’s the enemy’s goal is to shut you down before you really get started this year. It is the intent of the enemy to nullify you and make your ministry non effective. This is a peculiar storm so you’re going to have to fight this storm differently than the ones you’ve experienced in the past. Get into your spiritual warfare mode and fight. Do not give in and do not give up. Do not take your opponent lightly, last year he used certain people to “grin in your face”. This year he desires to use those same people to destroy you and take you out. This is serious business, you’ve got work to do…

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I need a purple bracelet and a pink one too.

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