Be Patient With Love

“LOVE TAKES TIME” - I know you’re excited because finally you’ve met someone who has the looks, the intelligence, the overall demeanor, and so many other qualities you’ve been looking for. But in spite of all that you still don’t know this person from a can of paint. Please understand even a complete psychopath can keep themselves restrained for a few hours here and there on a few dates. Take this time and enjoy the good times hanging out with “their representative”. Their representative is the best side of them that they want you to see, the kind, sweet, caring, patient person, the great listener that laughs at all of your jokes, and holds on to your every word. But the representative only has a “limited engagement”, they can only hang for a short period of time and when it moves out of the way then you’ll meet the real person. Now don’t look totally down on them for pulling out their representative on you because you have one too and you will use yours in the same manner. After the representives have completed their assignment, the newness has worn off then you will find out if there is  really  something there. :)

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Cathy Bullard

Yes it took me years to finally date my of 18 years because of my past I didn’t learn how to take time to know them first.

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