“BREAKING THAT SOUL TIE ONCE AND FOR ALL – (If you've ever wanted to be delivered from a soul tie you really need to take a minute to thoroughly read this message. I hate long posts, but this spirit you've created and connected with cannot be dealt with by posting a short answer. With that said, please read on):

This ungodly, spiritually illegal connection that you created through sex was created spiritually. Since it was created spiritually, it can only be completely broken spiritually. You’ve tried everything but you continue to run to “that spirit’s call”. Listen very carefully, only the power of God can deliver you from this spiritual bond. The reason why you can’t break free even though you’ve prayed, read the bible, and attended church is because you continually disrespect the spirit of the living God.

Let me explain. The power of God is incredibly powerful; consider it like electricity channeled to go into your house. Before the current hits your house it flows through a circuit breaker. That circuit breaker is designed to immediately cut off all power to your home if an overload occurs. When you asked God to help you and as he was about to enter into your home you prematurely became the circuit breaker and you immediately shut down the power from entering into your home (Your soul, your spirit). It felt like an overload, but God knew just how much power to supply to this situation.

If you want God to deliver you, you must not cut the power. How do you cut the power? You cut the power by overriding the spirit by answering their text messages, by going over to their house, by you letting them come to your house, by answering their calls, by not creating distance in order for God to do his work in you.

The spirit of the living God is very powerful and the spirit will not be disrespected. As soon as you kick in the circuit breaker, you disrespect God’s spirit and power to work this situation out. The spirit will not override the circuit breaker so the spirit immediately stops it’s assignment that YOU ASKED HIM TO DO.

God is a God of free will and he will not override your circuit breaker, if you disrespect the power of his spirit, he will stop the flow of power that you need to be free. You cannot break a soul tie if you break the very connection of power you need to be set free…

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