Dont Let anyone stop "YOUR SHOW"

Many time in life you will have a vision that you want to make a reality. GO FOR IT! But be aware that you will have people around you that will try to discourage you from your vision. Just because they don't have the vision does not mean that you cant do what was called for you to do. DON'T STOP YOUR SHOW. Some of you were told you cant have it. Yet every dream and yearning is designed for you, is a manifestation or shadow shape of who you are. Some people  don't recognize their dreams or, have pushed them down and those are the people that don't want you to life your dream. DON'T STOP YOUR SHOW. Sometimes people don't want your show to go on because they are mad that they don't have the faith to step out and live there dream, so they don't want you to live yours. But I tell you the devil is a lie! Those same people WILL BE the ones in the audience watching your show!! Give them the best performance of your life! Never STOP YOUR SHOW JUST DROP THE MIC :)

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