How To Break A Soul Tie

 - First and foremost no more intimacy, because it's a spiritual, and emotional connection that creates a bond. Secondly, no more contact!!! If you have children together only communicate on behalf of the children. Third, trust God and time! God works with time because he invented time! So as you trust God you have to trust the time process that it will take to heal you from this soul tie. Consider when you have an injury, your skin is exposed so you cover it, but it's still not healed. There is a process that produces a scab, and it's best to let the body do what it does in order for healing to take place. Do not disturb the scab or there will be a scar, it will fall off naturally. So in this same situation trust the healing process of God, cover the wound by staying away from this person so the wound will not get infected, and don't disturb it, trust God, give it the proper amount of time, and God will heal you…💯💯💯


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