No One Can Steal Your Anointing

 Many of us watched the “Temptations” movie that was on TV a few years ago and if you didn’t watch the movie you’ve heard about it. Every leader should be prepared for the David Ruffin spirit. Do you remember how humble and grateful David Ruffin was when he wanted to be a Temptation? He was so grateful to Otis and the group for considering him and letting him into the group. Then he got a hit, “My Girl” and everything changed from there. His attitude changed, he began to think that he was the only reason why the group was successful.

The most disheartening thing was he turned against his leader, Otis Williams. If your a leader im sure this has happen to me on several occasions and it rips your very soul. The person who had nothing, the person who you tried to help ends up turning their back on you. What makes matters worse is they not only turn on you but they take OTHERS with them. David got a hold of Eddie Kendricks, got in his ear, and turned him against Otis and the group. Instead of them being a TEMPTATION they gave in to TEMPTATION and their demise from that time on was imminent.

Check this, even though they could sing better than Otis, they didn’t have his “leadership” anointing. They thought they knew more than Otis. They thought they could do it better than Otis. They even tried to put together their own “little” Temptations group but it never worked. With all of their great talent, without the "leadership anointing" they were just singers IN THE WILDERNESS. What they failed to realize is the price that Otis and others have to pay to be the leader. See they missed that part, they only saw the glory but really didn't understand the story, all they saw with their limited vision is THEY WANTED TO BE IN CHARGE.

This is where you come in who’s reading this. The enemy is sorely JEALOUS of your leadership anointing. They want to be in charge so bad but the good news is they WILL NOT prevail against you. Yes, they think they’re really doing something by stabbing you behind your back, but they can’t touch the anointing that’s on you life. What's crazy is these are the people YOU TRIED TO HELP. They were NOTHING until you helped them and as soon as they got on their feet they TURNED THEIR BACK ON YOU.

But let them keep on, David and Eddie are long gone and Otis is still here. That ought to tell you something. God is not mocked, you WILL reap what you sow…

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