The Legacy in your Home

Those of us who have children and especially step-children in our house we are responsible for how we treat them and what we say to them. Many of us as adults have been deeply impacted because of something that was done to us during our childhood. My husbands daughter stays with us time to time  and while she deeply loves and respects me, I am very careful what I say to her and how I say it to her because everything I say and do will affect her as a woman for the rest of her life, it's that deep. Many of us still carry the hurts from childhood and God wants to reach that hurt and heal you from that hurt. Your praise will that much more effective when you are finally healed from the hurt of the past. So parents, protect the legacy in your house, it's very serious. In Jesus name...

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Tiffany Alexander

Great message.

How I wish I can rewind time and get a do over with my kids. They were victims of my past and current wounds.

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